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TLA (Turning Lives Around)

95 Permanent Users & 68 Casual Users Leeds Based over 7 Sites (& Home Working)

Requirement & Pains

TLA needed an IT service and solution partner to provide a rock solid day to day service giving a strong reliability of technical excellence with a responsive yet human / friendly engagement. Along with a proactive approach to development with regular account management meetings to keep momentum to change.


Rabb-IT were able to deliver upon the promise of having a highly responsive and strong technical ability to resolve issues fast. This along with a structured process of QBR (Quarterly Business Reviews) with techincal trained account managers who can help to develop plans and hold the business hand to drive positive technology change within the organisation.

TLA – Testimonials

“Rabb-IT have lived up to their promise of just being there behind me and the team when we need it. When things go wrong the quick response from the highly knowledgeable team just get us back up and working fast. Technology now in the business is becoming more stable and we can start to see the future of tech within the business since Rabb took over in July 2022”

IT Manager – Tripta Passan

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+44 (0) 333 241 2277

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